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HIT EAA Amino Acid Complex

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HIT EAA is a supplement to ensure you get a premium quality, bioavailable source of the 9 Essential Amino Acids (EAA’s) everybody needs. The importance and role of the EAA’s isn’t limited to muscle tissue growth and repair as many might assume, far from it. In fact, they are critical to a whole host of other processes such as neurotransmission, glucose uptake into cells to boost energy levels, immune function, enzyme production and oxygen delivery via red blood cells. All of which can influence mood, happiness, wellbeing and overall energy levels.


One of the biggest challenges when exercising and lifting weights is getting adequate protein via the diet. In order to get maximum benefit from your protein you would need a ‘complete’ source of protein, meaning it would need to contain all the EAA’s. The 9 EAA’s include histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan, and valine.

EAA’s influence an array of bodily functions including those of organs, glands, tendons and arteries, also playing a critical role in wound

healing and tissue repair, particularly muscle and bone, but also skin and hair.

The wide-ranging benefit of the 9 EAA’s means taking one in isolation may offer some benefit, but the true value comes when all 9 are consumed, consistently.

Vitamin B6

Not all EAA supplements are created equally, after all it’s not what you consume that matters most, it’s what you actually absorb! The quality of the EAA’s is one thing, and we have got you covered in that department too, however, EAA’s need Vitamin B6 as a coenzyme for their metabolism and absorption too.

Our mission at DY Nutrition is to ensure we cover all areas, and not including vitamin B6 with an EAA could mean you don’t fully utilise the potential of your EAA supplement.

This is precisely why HIT EAA has become a true staple for anyone wanting to optimise performance and maximise recovery.


Mix 1 serving with 250 ml cold water. As a food supplement consume 1 serving between meals and/or before, during or after your workout.

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